Shelter service

Shelter service

Women and children have an opportunity to heal and recover in a safe haven after being abused or during times of fear, make plans for the future and start to put them into practice.

The support center workers with special training would be taking care of the clients.

Shelter provides temporary accommodation to the women (and children) where they can store food and cook, do laundry and take care of their personal hygiene.

Primary food and toiletries would be supplied to the client if necessary as well as medications etc. essentials, necessary clothing items, footwear. School supplies would be purchased to the children when necessary.

During the time spent in the shelter the women and children would be offered counseling based on a specific case, psychological counseling or psychotherapy and legal counseling when needed. Counseling session can take place in the support center premises or in a counseling room.

Distinct customer data of a client staying in a shelter would be forwarded to the other bodies only with the client’s consent and within the agreed limits.

The location of the shelter is undisclosed. The arrival to the service would be agreed over the phone.